Is your organisation at risk of compromised email and hijacked websites?

Email is one of the most dangerous tools within your organisation. 
Breaches in security: unintentionally by your own employees, and malicious actions by your competitors and cybercriminals can instantly cripple any organisation and wipe millions from its share price.


Criminals can send emails that appear to be from within your organisation. One example is an email appearing to be from a CEO to their close management team used to ascertain confidential acquisition information. Another example is where email appearing to be from a CEO giving direction and instruction to employees in a malicious effort to disable the organisations productivity.



Organisations can unwittingly become the victim of fraudulent websites that appear to be the corporate site, but that direct the viewer to competitor sites (or worse!).  This usually goes undetected for some time, and can result in significant loss of business, a deterioration of your reputation within the market, and ultimately have a detrimental impact your share price.


Our Services

At, we are committed to helping organisations secure their websites and email infrastructure.  With our experience and a special focus on gTLDs, we can provide an ongoing service that will significantly limit an organisations exposure to cyber-attacks, domain diversion tactics and email hijacking.


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